Mnenje naše tečajnice Amrite (januar 2015)

The painting classes with Nataša were absolutely delightful. I went with the expectation of learning certain techniques and I received more than I expected. What I enjoyed most was the fact that I could choose the medium and motifs according to my wish and sensibilities. This way, I could focus more on learning the medium that I had not used before – oil and soft pastel. Nataša understood very well my artistic style, ability and sensibility, and thus nurtured it accordingly. Therefore, the painting sessions were not merely exercises to learn painting but a learning experience that was very enjoyable and relaxing. At the same time, Nataša also encouraged me to try new things. I had never enjoyed water colors as a medium before. Nataša explained the fundamentals behind water colors very well, and I actually enjoyed it when I tried. It is definitely something I am going to explore more in future. Painting is my hobby and I was self-taught. What I gained most from the classes was a better understanding of the fundamentals that will help me improve my art.

Nataša, besides being a good instructor and teacher, is a very warm and friendly person. She made me feel very comfortable and was very accommodating. She even very graciously offered me a couple of free sessions so that I could finish the painting I had started. Her personal touch makes the sessions all the more fun. Nataša very well understands the artist inside the individual and patiently adds onto that. At the end of the sessions, I gained more knowledge and was happier about the art I create.

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